Sex problems and ayurvedic medicines in India
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That's why, we have been able to deliver consistent and high purity of ayurvedic products.
  Ritesh (Hridwar)
"Many people say that male sexual disorder is incurable. But, when i consult the experts at Power Ayurveda clinic. I just came to see the miracle. I was completely depressed with sexual disorder issue. I just want to thank the experts at Power Ayurveda clinic, who assisted me avoid this problem."

Manoj Kumar (Delhi)
"Since 2011 onwards one of my friends was under the treatment for Night Falls. Then I advised him to approach Power Ayurveda clinic and consult its experts regarding this issue. Now, he is very satisfied because his illness is curing and his problem is almost cured. He is very thankful to Power Ayurveda clinic."
Female Sexual Problems

Power ayurveda clinic is one of the pioneers in providing effective Ayurvedic and Siddha treatments for various female sexual disorders. The experience we gained by being in the Ayurvedic treatment field for over 24 years is the most valuable treasure we cherish, and this assists us in achieving a promising growth. Our natural, yet magical mixture of herbal medicines and treatments are effective in promoting health and maintaining proper body balance. Everyone likes to lead a harmonious and peaceful life, and we can promise that with our cost effective treatments.

(i) Beautiful bosoms – the pride of female beauty
Every woman likes getting appreciation for their beautiful and healthy bosoms. Get fascinating and younger looking bosoms by undergoing Ayurvedic treatment based on our age old formulas. In Power Ayurveda clinic we have medications and treatments that assist in making a woman's breast enlarged, tight, firm, boosted and upright with prominent cleavages. By getting treatment from Power Ayurveda you can forget about those old, saggy, lifeless and shapeless bosoms. Well drawn, rounded bosom with sharp cleavages makes a woman more sexy and appealing.

(ii) Treatment of Leucorrhoea or Swet pradar
Leucorrhoea also called white discharge is oozed out from the mucus membrane of the female genital tract. The discharge is formed due to unhygienic practices or poor health conditions. The color of the discharge varies from pale white to grayish white, with or without a foul smell. Normally white discharge comes before or after the menstrual bleeding. Treatment is needed when there is excessive discharge and a foul smell Ayurveda has got potential herbs in treating leucorrhoea. The treatment we offer in .Power Ayurveda clinic is a mishmash of potential Ayurvedic supplements, meditation and yoga. We also request the patient to slightly modify her lifestyle and follow a balanced diet. A combination of all these will surely give a complete cure from this sexual disorder.

(iii)  Low Sex Desire (Libido)
The low sex desire is called when the desire for sex is lower than average. This decreased libido leads to un-satisfaction in opposite partner. Even the person who suffers with less i.e. diminished sexual desire & low frequency of sex suffers with various psychological depression disorders. Even the relation between the couples deteriorates.

(iv)  Dryness of vagina during intercourse.
The various causes of dryness of vagina during sexual intercourse tic experience in the past. Sexual aversion disorder & female sexual arousal disorder e are as follows: Lack of enjoyment during intercourse Dryness of vagina during coitus is also called female sexual excitation & arousal disorder, it is characterized by minimal vaginal lubrication or no lubrication et all during sexual excitation along with absence of feeling of excitation.

(v) Lack of Enjoyment during Intercourse.
This is also called female arousal disorder; it is characterized by minimal vaginal lubrication or no lubrication all during sexual excitation along with absence of feeling of excitation. In one study many women complained of lack of sexual arousal so that they get very little lubrication & vagina does not relax so that sexual intercourse is painful.

(vi ) Vaginismus (Pain with spasm at time of entry)
In vaginismus involuntary painful contraction of vaginal entry muscles (i.e. vaginal opening) is so painful that entry is virtually impossible. So that due to spasm of introits muscles there occurs virtual closure of the vaginal opening with significant pain.

(vii) Absent Orgasm
it is a condition in which women does not gets orgasm even after prolong sexual intercourse &when she gets orgasm after prolong sex then it is called inhibited orgasm. In some women even after normal sex desire, excitation & enjoyment, they do not achieve peak o sexual enjoyment i.e. orgasm. As against many women get multiple orgasms during same sexual act.

(viii) Lesbianism
Lesbian is a term most widely used in the English language to describe sexual and romantic desire between females. The word may be used as a noun, to refer to women who identify themselves or who are characterized by others as having the primary attribute of female homosexuality, or as an adjective, to describe characteristics of an object or activity related to female same-sex desire.

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